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The World Surgery Tour (WST) is a series of livestream surgery events focusing on orthopedics and trauma that annually takes you through several educational voyages around the globe. ​

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Be a part of this unprecedented round-the-world educational journey

Each year, from one stop to the next, you will witness challenging surgical battles, scientific demonstrations in realistic surgical conditions and join insightful debate clubs. 

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Prof. Andreas Imhoff

This is a revolutionary work and I am very thankful that I am invited to be part of it. I have been to many events in my professional life. I therefore, dare to say, that World Surgery Tour is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Every surgeon can learn something here.


Anthony Romeo, MD

Fantastic program and production! Honored to be part of an incredible worldwide educational event.  I look forward to the World Surgery Tour 2022!

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PD Daniel Günther

I highly recommend this platform to every ortho and trauma surgeon. Lifelong learning is invaluable for our careers. The WST combines teaching, learning, and networking in an entertaining format. This is a unique project and I am thrilled I can contribute to it.

Experience and Learn

They overcome the most difficult challenges faced by contemporary reconstructive, spine, sports and trauma surgery; challenges that have been expertly recreated on pre-fractured & injured human specimens.

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