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Get to Know the Industry.

We want to thank our industry partners for supporting the Sports Days.

Find our about this leading brands and join us for their sessions during the Sports Days. Find our about the latest innovations in orthopedic MedTech. Learn about the products and get exclusiv insides on how to use them. 


AO Sports

The AO Foundation will be featuring during two scientific demonstrations. Tune in and find out about the latest techniques in Sports Orthopedics.

Wed, August 17, 6 pm (CET)

Combined ACL and flat MCL Reconstruction: Indications, Techniques, Rehab

with Günther, Imhoff, and Kittl

Thu, August 18, 7 pm (CET)

Tendon transfers for irreconstructible, symptomatic rotator cuff tears

with Jaeger and Lambert



Geistlich will present a scientific demonstration. This is your chance to learn how to use their products and how to use them.

Thu, August 18, 3 pm (CET)

Arthroscopic AMIC® + MC

with Günther, Imhoff, Scheffler



OPED will join us for an academic debate club. They will discuss with the surgeons about post-surgery treatments and share their solutions.

Wed, August 17, 8:30 pm (CET)

How data is changing post-treatment - where are we?

with Günther, Höher, Imhoff, and Kittl



Smith+Nephew will be featuring their product during a scientific demonstration. Learn about their latest products and watch how the surgeons use them during the operation.

Wed, August 17, 3 pm (CET)

Stabilization of Chronic Sternoclavicular Joint Instabilities

with Imhoff,  Siebenlist, and Wafaisade

Wed, August 17, 10 pm (CET)

An Arthroscopic Stabilization Procedure for Chronic Anterior Instability using Bone Graft and Endobutton Fixation

with Imhoff and Wafaisade



We welcome Sporlastic for an academic debate club. Tune in and find out how to use their devices after knee surgeries.

Thu, August 18, 5 pm (CET)

Digital Therapy Device for Rehabilitation after Knee Surgery

with Günther, Imhoff, Schmeltzpfenning, and Weber-Spickschen

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